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4Secure Anti-Theft Clutch Lock

Car Theft Rate In India

If you haven't yet secured your car with high-end anti-theft devices, now is a good time to do it. A vehicle was stolen every 13 minutes in the New Delhi in the first three months of the year, marking a sharp 44% rise over the same period last year. Only around 4% of these cars are recovered. Delhi saw 9,714 vehicle thefts in the first quarter of 2016, up from 6,724 in the first three months of 2015. By April 13, the number had crossed 11,000, according to police figures. Just imagine how much car would be stealing across India. Today stealing car has become so easy.

Please have a look at demo video of car theft:

4Secure Anti-Theft Clutch Lock

• Unique and indigenous mechanical patented device.
• Very difficult to cut, break or hack.
• Rigid, compact, portable and easy to use externally.
• Imported lock quality with dotted keys.
• It is installed in such a manner without disturbing the originality of car.
• Better safety assurance and no need of service back up.
• Maintenance free.
• It can be accommodate anywhere in car.
• No competitor across India.

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